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18 September 16:45 - 17:05Norrsken House

Fabian Bolin
CEO & Co-founder at WarOnCancer AB

How to remove the distinction between profit and impact

Sebastian Hermelin
COO & Co-founder at WarOnCancer AB

How to remove the distinction between impact and profit

Fabian Bolin & Sebastian Hermelin

Fabian Bolin and Sebastian Hermelin are the founders of War On Cancer - a tech company on a mission to radically improve mental health for everyone affected by cancer. The War On Cancer app is a storytelling platform for patients, survivors, and loved ones. The vision is to unite people affected by cancer on a global level through storytelling and a unique data-sharing feature, named ‘Track your Impact’ (currently in development), which will enable members who choose to share health data to transparently track who uses their data and the value it is generating.

A problem that many impact startups are facing is the rumor that you are not allowed to make a profit while solving societal or environmental issues. Isn't it great if you could make money on solving some of the world's most pressing challenges instead of making money on another online casino?

This session will revolve around how a company can work towards effectively removing the barrier between impact and profit, using the founding story of War On Cancer as a real world example.

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